Healthy Food

Traditional Specialtees and home made cuisine

Healthy Food

Healthy Food

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Excellent cuisine of our pension will satisfy every taste, allowing each guest a memorable pleasures during meals with simple and local products.
Every day we offer you are all kinds of meat, fish, pasta. Excellent variety of meals ... and much more!
Upon completion, we offer excellent homemade desserts and seasonal fruit!
Do not forget the great big breakfast.

On the daily menu of this tourist facilities you can find only domestic and verified health food from the neighbouring farmers who deliver their products to our restaurant daily. At our facilities you have the opportunity to buy the products from the neighbouring farmers and cattle breeders as well.

Our outstanding cooks take care of fresh and delicious meals which are prepared from fresh fruit and vegetables and the fish from the freshest parts of the Neretva and Rakitnica river. In particular, we wish to highlight the organization picnic in this beautiful nature.

Only domestic and authentic
healthy food eco tourism villa neretva bosnia and herzegovina

To be convinced in the truth, we invite you to taste all fish specialties from the Neretva river, prepared in traditional way in an authentic ambience. In the summer our guests can experience the production of cream cheese or like making homemade pies. Guests are invited to participate in these activities and that both feel how our ancestors preparing this local food.